Monday, January 11, 2010

So, I've missed a few days....I was aiming for the picture a day for 365 days but...i'm going to keep going.

Right now is a crazy time...with working full-time and studying for an exam in a couple weeks...oh, and trying to lose weight..i haven't had much time to upload pics on here.

Here is a pic of me & my how yummy they smell when they get out of the bath into their jammies!!!

I will try to post each day but...i have 2 weeks until i write and exam, 3 weeks before i leave on vacation & i want to lose 10 pounds in these 3 weeks!!! I'm such a procrastinator..i had a whole year to study and kept putting it off, and the weight also...should have been off a year ago!!!

I won't be going out much in the next couple weeks so, pics will probally be kind of boring!!


  1. You sound so incredibly busy! EEK!
    What a great picture of you and your kids...beautiful:)

  2. You really do sound busy. Good luck on your exam. Great picture of the kids and yourself.

  3. good luck with your exam! what a wonderful picture of you and yours kids