Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick Day

Today...I accomplished nothing. I woke up late...struggled to get myself & the kids ready, got them to daycare and drove myself home & called in sick. Yes, I did have a was sick but, if I had a better start to the morning I probally would have toughed it out. Truth is, I couldn't find anything to wear. Only 2 pairs of dress pants fit me...oh, i so need to lose weight...and the only 2 pairs i have were dirty!! Yes, I should go buy new pants but, I have so many pairs 1 size smaller. So, I crawled back into bed at 9am until 1pm!! Then watched a movie and picked the kids up. Tomorrow, will be a better day..i did some laundry & it's friday!!

Here's a couple pics of the son & his BEN 10 collection (he is absolutely crazy for Ben 10!) and my daugher being silly b/f bedtime!

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  1. we all have days like that ... i hope you are feeling better